Winter Essential: Rock Salt

Stone Zone’s Rock Salt

As we are well into the winter months, we think it best to start getting ready for all types of weather. If it’s not already, Rock Salt needs to be under your Winter Essentials list to ensure that when walking or driving on your path and driveways you are safe from slipping and skidding. Our affordable rock salt means that you won’t shovel snow for hours and hours and can breeze by to get on with your day.

It's hard to believe, but we've already experienced overnight frosts that have seen us scraping our windows in the morning! With temperatures continuing to drop, the chances of snow and ice over driveways are getting more likely.

Get prepared now and stock up on our high-quality rock salt - save yourself the time and effort of shovelling snow and de-icing the car for the next icy morning!

What is rock salt?

Rock salt is more commonly known as the salt we add to our dinner plates, they are mined and bought in the form of crystals. Rock salt is pure salt without sand mixed in, which is what grit will contain. Rock salt is more effective in icy areas because of its pure form, making it the perfect solution for domestic areas such as drives and paths.

Rock salt works by altering the freezing point of water, which is usually 0 degrees. On average, rock salt will have minimal effect on temperatures below -5 degrees °C and will have virtually no effect on temperatures below -10 degrees °C.

Water with a higher salt content has a lower freezing point than water with less salinity. Salting icy roads and pavements lowers the freezing point of the water that forms ice, the salt will cause the ice to melt away and prevent falling snow or rain from being able to freeze.

When to use rock salt

The best time to use rock salt is before freezing temperatures are forecast, therefore preventing the snow and rain from freezing. They are spreading rock salt the night before the cold temperatures hit will also save on the amount of rock salt needed to make surfaces safe.

Apart from helping during cold weather, rock salt is also the most environmentally friendly option for weed killer, therefore if that is something you're concerned with and you want to make sure you're doing your bit for the planet, then rock salt is your best option. However, please remember that while the Rock Salt is effective for killing weeds, it is also dangerous to other plants, and if enough is used the ground they're spread on will also become inhabitable for plants, meaning you won't be able to grow anything on that patch of land.

How much rock salt to use

The amount of rock salt that is recommended will vary from place to place, for example, steep hills and sharp bends might benefit from adding a little extra to ensure maximum safety when walking or driving.

The recommended amount of rock salt to use is between 10 – 15 grams per square metre, but this can increase to 20 – 40 grams in very cold temperatures or if heavy snowfall is predicted.

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