Charlie Says: Rock Salt is a Must!

We don’t want to admit it, but with frost starting to appear on our cars and gardens, the chances of snow and iced over driveways, paths and pavements are getting more and more likely. And when this does strike, we’re usually not really that prepared for the stressful early morning starts where we spend up to 20 minutes shoveling away the snow and de-icing the car. Soon, our rock salt will be available and will take the stress away from these hectic icy mornings.

What is rock salt?

Rock salt is more commonly known as the salt we add to our dinner plates, they are mined and bought in the form of crystals. Rock salt is a pure salt without sand mixed in, which is what grit will contain. Rock salt will more effectively work on any icy areas it is used on, making it the perfect solution for small outdoor areas such as drives and paths.

Rock salt works by altering the freezing point of water, which is usually 0 degrees. On average, rock salt will have minimal effect on temperatures below -5 degrees °C and will have virtually no effect on temperatures below -10 degrees °C. Water with a higher salt content has a lower freezing point than water with less salinity.  Salting icy roads and pavements lowers the freezing point of the water that forms ice, the salt will cause the ice to melt away and prevents falling snow or rain from being able to freeze.

When to use rock salt

The best time to use rock salt is before freezing temperatures are forecast, therefore preventing the snow and rain from freezing. Spreading rock salt before the cold temperatures hit will also save on the amount of rock salt needed to make surfaces safe.

How much rock salt to use

The amount of rock salt that is recommended will vary from place to place, for example, steep hills and sharp bends might benefit from adding a little extra to ensure maximum safety when walking or driving.

The recommended amount of rock salt to use is between 10 – 15 grams per square metre, but this can increase to 20 – 40 grams in very cold temperatures or if a heavy snow fall is predicted.

Rock salt Winter offer!

You can purchase rock salt through Stone Zone & Landscaping Centre at unbeatable prices. During the Winter period, you can buy our 20kg maxi bags for £3.99 + vat AND receive a free shovel when you buy 10! (in-store collection only)

For larger areas, 85-kg bulk bags are £110 + vat. Click here to buy.

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Be nice and prepared for Winter and stock up on Rock Salt in November!