Brava Porcelain Patio Pack Laying Guide

This guide is to help Landscapers lay our patio/project packs of Brava Porcelain Paving. This guide is for roughly 1 crate of paving which is a nominal coverage of 26m2.

This crate contains:

1200x600mm 17 pieces
900x600mm 18 pieces
600x600mm 11 pieces

Porcelain paving tiles can be laid similar to natural stone flagstones. However, most importantly, a suitable slurry tile primer such as Nexus Projoint Porcelain Primer
is necessary and should be applied to the reverse of each tile prior to laying to achieve full adhesion. Without this coating, adhesion of the tile may fail. Alternatively,
the porcelain paving tiles can be laid onto a cured concrete base using a proprietary exterior tile adhesive.

As the porcelain paving tiles are extremely hard they must be cut with water fed diamond blade disc cutters.

THE JOINTS MUST BE IMPERMEABLE and this can be achieved by using Nexus Projoint Porcelain Grout.

As there may be slight colour variations in manufacturing, please ensure tiles are supplied from similar batches.

When laying, you are recommended not to stagger the rectangular tiles by more than 60 -100mm .

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