Brand New Celestial Porcelain Paving Range

Celestial Porcelain Paving Range

We are excited to introduce you to our new, show-stopping range of Porcelain Paving, the ‘Celestial’ range. A truly eclectic and eye-catching collection, the Celestial range boasts 6 vibrant and contemporary designs that will enable you to create one-of-a-kind designs in your home and garden, this collection consists of Comet, Cosmic, Lunar, Meteor, Rock, and Storm, 6 very different designs that will elevate any area they are installed in.

Our Celestial range, as with the rest of our Porcelain Paving range, is put through various steps and processes to ensure that they are long-lasting, sturdy, vibrant and easy to take care of; making them ideal for a modern household. Amongst the Stone Zone’s ever-growing range of Porcelain Paving, the Cosmic range definitely holds its own due to its elegant colours and bold patterns.

Furthermore, Our Porcelain Paving is high quality and durable; made to last up to a decade when installed appropriately. Porcelain Paving is a manufactured Paving Stone created by combining minerals such as Quartz and Clay, which then get fired through a kiln at around 1400C to ensure high strength and durability in the paving slab.

As with all our other Porcelain paving ranges, the Celestial range also has an R11 skid-value, meaning it’s non-slip and safe for domestic and commercial use, and can be safely used around swimming pools. These porcelain slabs are also resistant to frost and fungus which ensures longevity, and finally, they are vitrified during production to guarantee durability and consistency.

Celestial Comet

The Celestial Comet is a chic grey Porcelain Paving slab that is laden with stripes of grey in various shapes creating a unique marble effect. Rather than being just one shade of grey, these paving slabs allow you to enjoy a few shades of grey that add more dimension and character to your garden patio or kitchen floor. The silver-grey to nearly white markings come in several variations, so the slabs don’t look exactly the same, giving an almost Natural paving vibe. You can create a monochromatic garden look with darker garden features and furniture as these paving slabs will be lovely with black garden features, but if you are looking for something brighter maybe consider white garden furniture.


Celestial Cosmic

The Celestial Cosmic Porcelain Paving is a classic beige-cream shade that has been increasingly popular in modern homes and gardens. If you are looking to create a calming garden that gives off the atmosphere of a Mediterranean villa that will brighten up your garden during the summer and add a little warmth during winter then the Cosmic is the right choice for you. This elegant shade of beige is perfect for both smaller and larger gardens as it will pair well with a wide range of garden features or even just wooden sleepers if you want to keep it simple with some plant beds.


Celestial Lunar

One of the more exceptional designs within the range is the Celestial Lunar. As the name suggests, these paving slabs look extra-terrestrial with the charcoal, almost black background with large spots of light-grey, silver markings spread across, creating a dramatic and vibrant effect. If you want to create some drama and pizzazz in your home or garden and want your paving to double as a visual feature then the Lunar is the best option. We think an effective design idea for these paving slabs is to get quite simple and plain garden furniture to accompany it. We think the simple designs of the garden furniture will help tone down the business of the paving and make your garden look more cohesive rather than messy.


Celestial Meteor

The Celestial Meteor is a very understated yet sophisticated paver that consists of a greyish-beige colour with dark grey stripes flowing throughout to create a minimalist yet effective look. This mid-grey shade has become increasingly over the last few years and we think we know why. Grey is a lot easier to maintain than plain black or plain white paving stones. Grey is an easy colour to manage that only requires a good sweep to remain clean. Moreover, the grey shade will look lovely with a wide range of colours when it comes to other garden features be it something more monochrome or warmer shades like beige.


Celestial Rock

As the name suggests, Celestial Rock tries to emulate the colours and designs of natural rocks to create a more natural and rustic look. These paving slabs are perfect for those who are trying to create a more traditional and antiquated look as opposed to a more modern look. The Celestial Rock mid-light grey paving with a very slight tint of brown with both darker and lighter markings splattered throughout to achieve a light marbled effect. We think these pavers will look particularly effective with grey or black garden features to really make the grey shades pop. These slabs are ideal for those who prefer a more minimalist style.


Celestial Storm

If you are looking for a classic, modern grey paving slab, then the Storm is the choice for you. At Stone Zone, we have noticed that young families and households tend to be more attracted to grey paving, and the Celestial Storm can definitely be considered by those looking for classic Grey paving with just a smidge of added drama that is made possible by the white and dark grey markings that are spread throughout the paving, giving it a look that is quite similar to Natural Stone Paving. These slabs will not only elevate your garden patio but will also be a great choice for a kitchen, conservatory, or study. The non-slip rating means that even if these pavers get wet, they won’t be a danger to children and pets making them a versatile choice for pretty much anywhere in your home.


Porcelain Paving Garden Ideas

We think one of the main reasons our customers decide to opt for Porcelain Paving is to create their dream garden patio that will allow them a lot of design options and ideas to work with. A garden patio is essentially a blank canvas to decorate as you wish, a vast space that you can fill with a wide range of garden features such as a dining area with a BBQ, a relaxation area with loungers or just an area to sunbathe and spend peaceful summer days in. The Celestial range is stain-proof meaning that you don’t have to be over-cautious during your garden parties.

Porcelain paving is also ideal for those looking to create a garden that requires little upkeeping and is fairly easy to maintain because there is no mowing or regular topping up required – this not only saves you time but also effort and is much more budget-friendly. The Celestial Porcelain Paving range has been designed to seem like a feature piece within your garden, plus, its popular, adaptable shades you can easily match them with other garden features like decorative stones, cobble setts or even artificial and fresh turf.

You may be thinking about the differences between Porcelain Paving and Sandstone Paving when choosing which option to go for. Although on the surface level, they seem quite similar, on the inside, the paving slabs are 2 very different products due to how they are developed. Porcelain Paving gets manufactured to a high standard, and then printed on using a laser with a unique and beautiful design. Sandstone, however, is a naturally occurring paving stone that has been cut from larger stones within a stone quarry in India. This means that Porcelain Paving is stronger and longer-lasting, whereas Sandstone is more brittle and will change colour over time.

The maintenance side of Porcelain Paving is also something customers appreciate, as there is next to none! Unlike Sandstone Paving, which needs sealing to protect the stone over time, as well as the colour, Porcelain Paving literally just needs sweeping occasionally, as well as a good jet wash once a year.