BRAND NEW Artificial Living Walls

Our BRAND NEW Artificial Living Walls are here!

Just in time for Spring, we want to introduce our brand-new artificial living walls that are available in-store and on our website!

We are supplying 2 different types of artificial living walls: The Botanical Green Artificial Living Wall and the Lush Green Living Wall. Both the available designs can fit a myriad of different interiors, be it a designer wall for your home, or a statement piece at your place of work.

If you want to create beautiful feature walls in your home or garden without going through the fuss of taking care of real plants, Artificial Living Walls are the perfect option for you.

They are a great choice if you want to jazz up a bland corner of your home. Nobody wants a boring plain wall bringing down the atmosphere of your home; that’s why, plant walls are a handy option to add a fantastic foliage feature wall that will not go amiss by your friends and family.

One of the best features of an artificial foliage in your home is that they are very durable and have longevity. Once your wall has been installed to your liking, you can rest assured that you don’t have to agonise over it for a very long time. With long-lasting brightness and freshness, you will not need to be concerned about upkeeping and maintenance when it comes to artificial green walls.

Artificial Living Walls for Your Home and Garden

Artificial Living Walls are a great addition both for the interior and exterior areas of your home. Whether you want to create an indoor feature wall or add some green foliage to your garden, these artificial plant walls are the way to go.

The fact that these nature walls are extremely low maintenance is a huge advantage. If you run a busy life and don’t want the fuss and botheration of care for real plants, these Living Walls will help you save precious time and also add some freshness and greenery to your surroundings.

Living Walls are also the optimum choice if you want to decorate the interior of your home as well. They will enable you to have elegant and attention-grabbing feature walls to lighten up your home, without constantly having to worry about watering them. They will be an excellent conversation piece and will look great in various areas of your home such as living rooms, conservatories or anywhere that needs a little more pizzazz added to it, especially with the pops of colour within the foliage.

One last thing that makes these walls ideal are the fact that, because they are artificial, you don’t have to worry about pest control. Unlike real plants and foliage which attract bugs and insects, no such thing will occur with these Living Walls, which means you get to have your beautiful feature wall and not be paranoid about any insect infestations.

How To Buy Artificial Living Walls?

Our Artificial Living Walls come in single items, in 1m x 1m panels and are 5-8cm in depth. You can use a knife to trim the segments into whatever size you’ll need.

The installation is very easy and you have a few different courses of action depending on what is more suitable for you. You will notice that one side of the wall will be thicker than the other and that is just so you can overlay them and make them look seamless. Snap and lock the panels together to cover any wall size. All you need to do to create your Living Wall is to simply hang with staples, hooks, screws, or nails, screw directly to the wall or fence or tie wrap to a frame.

Botanical Vs Lush Green Living Walls

Depending on the vibe you want to give off in and around your house, you need to choose the Living Wall that best suits your design and aesthetic. If you want something simple and muted, we would recommend you chose ‘Lush Green’ because, as stated in the name, it only has green foliage giving it a simple, uniformed look. Whereas, if you want something that is bright and will make a statement, we think the Botanical Living Walls is the one for you. They have bright flowers, and foliage in a variety of colours that will give your space a bright look and will add touches of colour to your home.

Maintaining Your Living Wall

Maintaining your natural wall is a very simple. All that is required is that you give it a light dusting every few weeks if your wall is indoors, just to make keep any dirt and debris away. And if you have decided to keep your wall outdoors then we suggest you hose the wall down once a year to keep any bugs and dirt away. And finally, you may also want wipe down your foliage every once in a while, with a damp cloth to cover any nooks and crannies that may have been missed.