5 Summer Garden Ideas

5 Summer Garden Ideas

With summer in sight, there are several ways you can prepare your garden so you can enjoy it all throughout the summer, with that in mind we have thought up 5 different ways to decorate your garden for the summer.

Make the most of your patio

With the warming up, it is the ideal time to make the most of your garden and patio. Both Porcelain and Sandstone are top choices if you want to create an elegant patio where you can have al-fresco dining with your friends and family.

It is also the perfect time to bring out the BBQ for some parties and gatherings to really relish this great weather. You will be the host with the most when holding BBQ parties on your beautiful patio.

Evening mood lighting

Enjoying your garden this summer is not only restricted to the daytime. If the sun is too much for you and you want to enjoy your summer when it’s a little cooler, then we have ideas for you. You can use items such as CORE screens that will not only decorate your walls but also add a beautiful illumination with attachable LED lights that will definitely jazz up your surroundings

Another way you can add some ambience to your garden is by placing some water features in and around your garden. Water features are excellent as the sound of water has an excellent calming effect, but many water features come implemented with lights creating an ethereal effect that will surely impress your friends and family and also create an excellent atmosphere, which will hopefully encourage you to spend more time in your garden once the sun sets.

And to save the best for last, the best way to add some brightness to your garden in the dark is firepits. Firepits are an excellent option because they double up as decoration pieces, will add warmth when the weather cools down in the evening and is the perfect excuse to make some s’mores! Fire pits are an excellent way to decorate your garden as it an excellent centrepiece that is not only great for the summer but will also come in handy in the winter!

Perfect Time to Plant

There’s no better time than now to start planting some produce, herbs and flowers in your garden so they can bloom and make your garden into a natural paradise! To ensure that your produce and plants have the best chance to grow, you need to use the best quality soil that will nourish and give your plants the best nutrients. Our Wessex soil range has specific soils for planting flowers, fruits and vegetables to ensure that you have the best quality soil for your garden to bloom.

Transform an empty wall

If you hate empty walls and want to add some pizzazz to them, then CORE screens and Artificial Living Walls are the best options for you.

Core screens are an excellent way to create an accent wall and decorate an empty wall. With intricate designs and a variety of colours, you can choose screens that will suit the vibe you’re trying to create.

Artificial Living Walls are also a great option to create a feature wall in your garden, and what makes it even more convenient is that because it is artificial you don’t have to worry about maintenance and can enjoy your summer stress-free.

Create a zen area

If you want to avoid having a stressful summer and want to focus on your mental well-being then consider creating a zen garden.

You can create your own sanctuary by creating a lawn with either fresh turf or artificial grass to add some greenery to the area. The way you lay your turf is completely up to you – you can go the traditional route and create a classic lawn, or often popular with zen gardens you can have little islands of grass that are surrounded by rockery and decorative stones. This is completely dependent on the aesthetics you want to go for.

Another item that can be a great addition a zen garden is a water feature, especially due to their ability to drown out noise pollution and add a sense of calmness with the sound of flowing water.

You can also create an oasis that can be achieved using grit or sand, and you can emulate the look and feel of a zen sandbox, which not only will add to the tranquil vibe but will also look unique and aesthetically pleasing.

And finally, you can also use some decorative stones or rockery to add some colour and personality to your garden then a great and easy way to achieve that is through decorative stones. There is a whole range of decorative stone colours that will add to the atmosphere such as black, white, blue, etc.

Use these tips and tricks to create your perfect garden for the summer!