2023 Charity Golf Day

2023 Charity Golf Day

Stone Zone is delighted to announce that we are, once again, sponsoring the "19th" hole at the Charity Golf Event, raising money for the Steve Bernard Foundation.

This year, the Charity Golf Event is taking place on the 4th of July at the Remedy Oak Golf Club in Woodlands, Dorset and we are honoured to offer the last drink of the day on us!

We are honoured to be a part of such an amazing Charity Event that is helping local charities that do amazing work not just locally but all over the country, and we could not be prouder to make a contribution to that.

Stephen Bernard Foundation

Stephen John Bernard, or as he was affectionally called ‘Stevie B’ by his friends and family, tragically passed away in a car accident that took place on the 2nd of November 2005. This awful incident took place on the A27 near Chichester. Stephen and two of his friends from university lost their lives following the accident.

Losing Stephen had a formative and impactful effect on those closest to him, especially as he was loved and respected by everyone who knew and had the chance to meet him. The love and admiration people held for Stephen were further emphasised by the immense number of attendants at his funeral. Stephen’s friends, family and acquaintances will eternally remember him and greatly miss having him in their lives.

Anyone who knew Steve was aware of how much he loved sports, football in particular, a sport he was passionate about and had a lot of talent in. Stephen had played on football pitches all around the country, even going as far as Ipswich, but the club that he had the most love for were The Grange at Bournemouth Sports Club as it was the team where he got his start in football.

When Stephen reached 16, he was signed by Christchurch FC after being inundated with offers from around the country. He took great pride in playing some fantastic matches at Hurn Bridge and is greatly missed by his teammates who helped him hone his skills and become a fantastic football player.

The Stephen Bernard Foundation was then formed in February 2006 and has made huge donations and contributions, raising more than £500,000 for sporting projects based in the BCP, Dorset and South Coast area. Til now, the Foundation has been able to help and support over 400 projects that cover 30 sports across 4 continents.

From the beginning of the Foundation, which is completely run by volunteers, aimed to provide invaluable guidance, financial support and equipment distribution to a wide selection of good causes, such as the AFC Bournemouth Ability Counts Team, to athletes that have real potential to reach the Olympics and finally to send new kits to boxing clubs as part of an outreach program where these items are being sent to Thailand, Uganda and Kenya.

Everything the Foundation has been able to achieve, they believe they have been guided by Stephen’s memory and passion for sports.

2022 Charity Golf Day

Nicholas O’Hara Funeral Directors have held their charity event previously to great success. For the 2022 Charity Golf Day, they were able to raise £10K from all the sponsors and attendants, which is a fantastic amount. The 2022 charity event took place to raise money for the Tyler’s Friends Charity.

Tyler’s Friends Charity was established with the aim to support bereaved parents and help them have a funeral and memorial of their wish for their baby or child. This much-needed Charity was started in 2009 after Tyler was born sleeping after only 21 weeks of gestation. Tyler’s parents were young and unable to afford a memorial that they knew Tyler deserved and were unable to do so for the following 5 years. This is when friends got together to help raise the money for Tyler’s memorial. Through small charity events and auctions, money was soon raised so Tyler could have a memorial marking his grave.

Since then Tyler’s Friends have been able to support many grieving parents ensuring that their baby or child is able to have the funeral and memorial they deserve.

Nicholas O’Hara Funeral Directors

Nicholas O’Hara Funeral Directors was established in 1974 by Nicholas along with his police officer father Alfred (Pat) and his mother Brenda, who owned Somerleigh Court Nursing Home which is now the Wimborne Head Office for the funeral directors.

This initial team started to grow with the addition of Nicholas’ wife, Jackie, who joined the business in the 1980s and added modernity to the office environment and created a new partnership.

It was at this time that the business was able to expand further and opened more funeral homes; the Verwood branch was opened in 1983 and the West Moors branch opened 4 years later in 1987.

Keeping with the family tradition and business, Nicholas and Jackie’s son joined the company in 1997 alongside his sister Natalie, a sure sign that the business is growing. At certain times upon the inception of the business, 3 generations have worked together to provide their bespoke service. In time, several family members have joined the business and continue to be a part of the team to this day. There have spouses, aunts, in-laws, family friends and more who have contributed with their time and effort to create the funeral home that it is today.

The Nicholas O’Hara Funeral Directors have always kept their traditional values at the forefront of their mind while still having a strong appreciation for the modern era. All the team members in the business including Nicholas, Jackie, Anthony, and Natalie take immense pride and always aim to achieve the high standards that Nicholas has strived for since the business was established and what Nicholas O’Hara is known for.

Further expansions took place in 2014 when the Head Office in Wimborne was added in order to establish new facilities; facilities that have since been complemented by professional colleagues as some of the best in the UK.

With 3 generations of O’Hara’s working at the Nicholas O’Hara Funeral Directors, they have cemented their place as a truly independent family business.

If you would like to support this event and want to learn more about sponsorship or be an associate sponsor, please contact Nicholas O'Hara Funeral Directors at 01202 882134 or email them on nicholas@oharafunerals.co.uk