2020 Dream Patio Kit Winner!

The long-awaited Dream Patio Kit Competition has drawn to a close and we have a winner! At the start of lockdown, and what was to be a fearful and unexpected Summer, we wanted to offer a prize that would really make someone's year. 

After posting a photo of a popular-coloured Limestone Paving on our Facebook page, we gave people the chance to comment the name of the Paving, as well as share the post and like our page for their chance to win. In total, we received over 100 entries! 

As it drew towards the end of Summer, we used a random number generator to select 5 possible winners from the comments section. As the competition draw was close to Halloween and marked the start of Autumn, it was only right to give it an extra special theme...

This video shows our Bournemouth Depot Manager, AKA 'Charlie Says' revealing the winner in the spookiest of ways - while cohering to standard regulations! 

Bex was delighted to hear that she was the winner of our 2020 Dream Patio Kit Competition! 

The Dream Patio Prize included 25 square metres of Sandstone Paving of her choice, 10 bags of cement, 3 bags of scalpings, 2 bags of sand and 3 tubs of EasyJoint. Everything needed to lay that perfect patio!  

Bex described the win as 'amazing' and a 'great win' for the entire family, as they'd already had an area prepped for paving in the future. They all visited our Dorchester Depot, where they spoke to our Manager, Chris, to pick out the paving they'd like for their brand new patio. 

While our 2020 winner was here, we interviewed her to see what her plans would be with the dream, garden prize:

What colour paving have you chosen and why?

I chose Autumn Brown as it definitely looked like the nicest blend of colours 

What do you plan to do with the paving?

We are planning on paving a patio in our back garden!

What will you enjoy most about your new patio?

I think what we'll enjoy most is the space it will give us to sit with our children.

Below is a 'before' photo of Bex's garden prepped and ready for her new patio, watch our Facebook page to see the 'after' photos in just a few weeks time!

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