Cosy up with Ready to Burn Certified Logs

We might not want to admit it, but it's nearing that cold time of year where we all hibernate indoors - and what better way to spend that time in front of a cosy, warming open fireplace? For those of you with open fireplaces or wood burning stoves, look no further for great value, great quality logs for your fire this Winter. Also perfect for bonfires and outdoor firepits! 

1m3 crates - £278.25 inc. vat - Buy Online

Hardwood Logs

Our premium, kiln dried hardwood logs measure approximately 250mm in length and fit most stoves and log burning fires. These logs are of high quality and will not emit any harsh chemicals. Click here to view online.

What does kiln dried mean?

When logs are kiln dried, they go through a fast and intense process of being artificially dried in a specialised kiln. Some logs are 'seasoned' which means they are dried naturally, but don't see as efficient results.

The main benefit of kiln dried logs as opposed to seasoned logs, is that they burn hotter and and last longer. When logs are kiln dried, they are stripped of a lot of moisture, leaving most of their mass as burnable carbon, which allows for longer log burning.

Kiln dried logs cost slightly more upfront than seasoned logs, but will save you money in the long run as you need less for your fire and they last longer and burn more effectively.

Bulk Bags - £183.75 inc. vat - Buy Online

How will stock be affected this year?

With material shortages being an ongoing issue on a nationwide basis, we recommend stocking up on hardwood logs early while our stocks last. 

Ready to Burn Legislation

In May 2021, the Government implemented a new legislation to ban the sale of harmful fuel used in homes. These polluting fuels include wet wood and coal, meaning all burning logs must have a moisture content of less than 20% and be Ready to Burn certified.

The benefit of our Hardwood logs containing less than 20% moisture also means they burn much better, emitting less smoke and being more environmentally friendly.

The legislation was introduced by the Government’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), supporting The Air Quality Regulations 2020 in an effort to make houses across Britain greener over the Winter. 

Being kiln dried wood, our Hardwood Logs are Ready to Burn certified by the independent organisation, Woodsure.       

How to order logs

Our Hardwood Logs can be ordered now for next day collection or delivery within 3-5 working days. Simply order online or call us on 01202 874207.

Our logs are available in crates or bulk bags. 1 crate contains approximately 1mof hardwood logs at £278.25 inc. vat, whereas our bulk bags measure approximately 0.6m and cost £183.75 inc. vat. 

For those mild Winter nights where you want to brave it and sit outside, why not use our Kindling & Hardwood Logs on a firepit in your garden? Click here to view our How-to guide on how to make your very own firepit!